Top 10 commercial reasons to mobilize your art teaching practice

The mobile platform is a powerful referral and engagement platform. When someone forwards your mobile-friendly content on to a contact using their mobile device, it is perceived as a personal referral and endorsement of both the content and of you as the content provider.

As an professional artist you probably have students. Most artists suppliment their income by providing classes. If you are like me, you enjoy mentoring less experience artists and have developed an approach to teaching which you would like to share with a wider audience.

Here are the top 10 commercial reasons for create mobile-friendly content and mobilizing your art teaching practice:

  1. It helps bring in customers. Mobile content offerings (like YouTube videos, instagram images and blog posts) have far greater reach and capture potential than all other marketing mechanisms
  2. Turning your ideas into mobile content offerings; structuring them into lessons; then placing them online, helps to reduce the time you spend delivering repetitive material (because you and your students can access it when and where ever you like)
  3. Providing opportunities to interact with your content while on the move, enhances your engagement with your key customers
  4. Valuable content like this attracts traffic which raises your online profile
  5. People pay for content on their phones, so your mobile content offerings are a potential stream of passive income
  6. The process of mobilizing your expertise helps you to recognize, test and package your IP for delivery to a global niche audience
  7. Engagement with your mobile content offerings can be monitored, giving you an invaluable, dynamic source of information about customer activity which you can use to continually monitor and improve your content and your teaching program
  8. Building mobile content offerings and delivering them from your own website is a low cost and investment approach—you build and release modules as required (as you can afford to)
  9. It’s low risk—you can stop any time you like. Which gives you total control over your content and allows you to grow as fast and as big as you like, and
  10. It’s very flexible—you can reuse modules and arrange them into different packages, which increases the Return on Investment (ROI) for any given module.

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