Stellar mobile-first content offerings

For a mobile audience it is critical to think clearly, fill your offering with value and structure it so that it is easy to find, scan and digest by an audience that is on the move.


What will people value in my offering?

You are an expert. No doubt you have something of value to offer people online. The trick is to package that offering in a way that helps your audience to resolve everyday predicaments and to significantly optimize their quality of life, while they are on the move. These are the Stellar Ideas.

It helps to imagine that you are lobbing an expert idea into someone’s predicament:—They have got their phone (check); They are having the sort of trouble that your can help with (check); They have your offering (KAPOW problem solved!).

How grateful will they be? How will they feel about further engagement with you?

How do I package my content to be valuable for a mobile audience?

It always helps to start with a post. Whatever form your offering eventually takes (video, podcast, infographic, instagram images) being able to clearly convey your idea in writing will help you to think clearly about what you have to offer.

8 tips for writing (thinking) clearly

Focus on a single valuable idea in your offering. Unpack what your want to say and leave things out that cannot be expressed in 300-500 words. (These can become separate, related offerings.)

  1. Choose a nice place to write
  2. Pick a time when your brain is fresh
  3. Plan what you are going to write before you start
  4. Think of questions your audience might ask
  5. Work in 20 minute spurts (with rests in between)
  6. Use:
  7. Give your brain a night’s sleep before you publish
  8. Get a buddy to proof read it

How do I structure the offering?

Start with your conclusion!

In journalism this method of starting with your conclusion is called the Inverted Pyramid style.

Here are some principles for structuring your content to really help people when they are using mobile devices:

  • Start with your conclusion
  • Provide a summary (take away) at the top
  • Provide an image to illustrate the key concept
  • Provide a call to action at the end
  • Organize everything in between in order of importance
  • Phrase headings as questions
  • Front load paragraphs
  • Limit to 300-500 words (5 minutes)

How does this help people?

  • Your audience can scan
  • Your audience can stop reading at any point in time and still come away with the main point
  • Starting with your conclusion boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having built a bond with my audience, what can I offer them next?

If someone reads to the bottom of your offering, they have invested 5 minutes of their time and may be ready to invest more. Examples of a “call to action” are:

  • Link to my related offering
  • Register for my newsletter
  • Look at my gallery
  • Purchase my painting