Lederderg Gorge

An hand crafted impressionist style painting in oil.

Here the Lerderderg Gorge sizzles in the crackling heat of a Victorian summer. A gum tree desperately clings to the burnt earth for fear of toppling down the cliff into the shaded river below. In the early afternoon the sounds of cicadas and splashing water bounce off the gorge wall and echo throughout the surrounding state forest.

“Lerderderg Gorge” is part of my small still life and landscape series (Petite PaintStories) that capture the beauty of stillness of scenes and objects from everyday life.

They are designed to inspire the imagination. Providing a little window to beautiful, peaceful and curious moments; that will transport you to the places and feelings of your dreams; with just a glance. They are small, so they can be framed and carried with you and placed on a desk or table where you work.

This an original, one of a kind, hand painted oil painting. The painting is painted using artist grade oil paint on durable canvas board, size (mm) 127 W x 178 H.

This painting is unframed.