Number Eight Crispy Chicken: An interview with the author.

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Insights into an exciting creative production. In this article you can read or listen to my interview with the author.

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Over the last three years my friend Sarah Neofield as been traveling the world as an independent author and publisher. This week she released her first novel called Number Eight Crispy Chicken.

Before leaving Australia, Sarah made herself financially independent so that she could pursue her creative dreams without having commercial imperatives to compromise her work. Sarah followed the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) approach to create a modest passive income to live on while she travels.

Number Eight Crispy Chicken is a brave criticism of Australian immigration policy. Which would not have been possible without her independence. (You can’t be bagging the Australian government if you work for the Australian government.)

Being a teacher, Sarah is keen to capture what she is learning to share with others. During the creation of the Number Eight Crispy Chicken project she worked with me on the creation of a model to help others escape the workforce and follow their own artistic dreams.

The Creative Freedom Model is a diagnostic tool that helps to establish strategic, artistic and economic practices that lead to great outcomes (such as publishing Number Eight Crispy Chicken) while continually optimising your sense of creativity and freedom.

The model poses a set of key questions that if asked once a week will get you onto; and keep you on the path to creative freedom. In the following interview Sarah answers these questions, providing a snapshot and insight into her creative process.

The interview

Hi Sarah thanks for joining me.

How creative do you feel?

On a scale of one to 10 I feel like I am at an 8.

This is because: I have just published my first creative fiction project called Number Eight Crispy Chicken and I am in the process of launching it to readers.

Are you happy with the amount of time you spent being creative this week?

Mostly. I have really enjoyed putting the finishing touches on my debut novel but I am looking forward to getting back into more writing.

How free do you feel?

In general I feel very free. I am travelling the world while operating as an independent author and publisher.

In the last week did you have the space and tools to practice your art? If not what was lacking?

Part way through the week my work was interrupted and I had to replace my laptop so I am no longer battling the blue screen of death.

What type of practices and activities did you spend your time on this week?

I sent out review copies of my book and wrote guest posts to promote it on social media. I also held a launch party in Melbourne.

What was occupying your mind this week?

I was concerned to make sure the release of Number Eight Crispy Chicken went smoothly and I feel excited about seeing it out there.

How would you rate each area of freedom?

Physical freedom? 6

Changing computers has caused me some inconvenience in terms of my tools and how I can work.

Temporal freedom? 9

I underestimated how long getting reviews would take, but I still felt creatively engaged.

Mental freedom? 10

I am really happy and satisfied with what I have produced. It’s great to see a quality product that has not been compromised by external influences.

What will you do next?

I am getting into my next creative project which is a novel exploring propaganda and advertising.

What would you like to achieve this week?

I would like to give myself the mental space to devote to my Propaganda novel.

Is there an artistic practice you will prioritize this week to achieve this goal?

I will edit the first section of my new novel, which is written in four parts.

Is there a strategic practice you will prioritize this week to achieve this goal?

I will organize my new laptop so that it is functioning optimally and not distracting my workflow.

Is there an economic practice you will prioritize this week to achieve this goal?

It’s important this week that economic issues do not demand too much time or mental energy. Its safe for me to let my economic practices go onto autopilot for the next week.

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