My services

I am an artist and a designer with a PhD in competitive mobile content provision.

Art lessons

I offer classes in how to make video Paint Stories.


I offer one-to-one mentoring services to help artists and designers to bring their online presence under control and transform it into a powerful business tool.

Stellar Ideas Program

Stake Your Claim in the Global Ideas Economy

I created the Stellar Ideas Program to help you to capture and mobilize your important ideas and publish in your own name.

I work with individuals to build an online presence that will reach a niche audience around the world so that you can kick-start your new career, make money and keep control of your content and IP.

Mobilize Your Business

Your audience, market, staff, competition are on the move: how ready are you to compete?

As a small (probably solo) business owner you can no longer afford to be locked into static business practices or environments. This service teaches you how to use the mobile internet, apps and mobile-first content to free yourself so you can concentrate on what really matters.