The most effective way to become a free creative is to continually build then leverage successes in each of the three practice areas: economic, strategic, artistic.

Leverage means using something to maximum advantage.

For example, an Olympic weight lifter can only lift great weights by leveraging a number of things at once: all the muscles in their body (to lift then jerk the bar over their heads); momentum (to get the weight off the ground and up onto their chest then into the air); timing and speed (to get under the bar); balance (to steady the bar and hold it steady); willpower and endurance (to complete the lift).

Katherin Oriana Echandia Zarate of Venezuela, Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. In this photo Katherine, who weights under 44 kg, lifted 90 kg.

Anything can be turned into a lever that may help you to reduce the amount of exertion needed to achieve your goals. For example, a musician uses busking to gain practice, experience, exposure and some income.

In finance the word “leverage” means to use the value of your assets to borrow more money for investment purposes. In other words, taking advantage of your current wealth to create more wealth.

As a free creative you are encouraged to develop strategies to free up your time so that you can spend more of it practicing your art. One of these strategies may be to reduce your expenses so that you can go part time at work. Provided you actually spend this time practicing your art—you are employing a strategic practice to leverage an economic practice that will enhance your artistic practice.

You can fast track your progress toward creative freedom by thinking of ways your can leverage investments of your time, energy and money.