Building value into your mobile content offering

Content delivered to the mobile platform has to be immediately valuable. It is not enough for it to be useful/usable.

It helps if the content provider understands that people use the mobile platform to continually optimize their quality of life. With this idea in mind, the important questions when preparing a mobile content offering are:

  • Who, specifically, is this content for? (the target audience)
  • What contribution can this offering make to their quality of life in the moment of use?
  • What are their circumstances in the moment of use? (It helps to think of their predicament)
  • How can I build a bond (ongoing relationship)?

The experience of using content delivered to your mobile device is different to the experience of using any other computing or audio visual platform. It is more personal. More immediate.

Often, time-sensitive.

People on this platform are limited by demands on their attention, lesser bandwidth and device performance. So, rejection is the default user attitude. Mobile audiences often experience problems (for which they may be reaching for their mobile device to solve)—and the need may quickly become urgent.

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